I'm a great fan of coleslaw. It has featured often on our table in the past supporting roast ham, pulled pork, as a foil to smoked mackerel and as an all round good value salad accompaniment. I think that's why this recipe from Nigel Slater's (yes, another one)  jumped out at me.

While I have experimented with various cabbage varieties including white, red, and savoy, I have always defaulted to a jar of well known mayonnaise when it comes to mixing in the other ingredients (carrots, spring onions, red onion and chives).

This recipe introduced me to the German method of using sour cream.  The mustards, subtle when mixed through the volume of vegetables, worked really well in the dressing. I pickled onions fairly recently for the first time in this recipe from January. It used a different method, but either way, I'm sold on the concept; they add a different dimension to the salad.

This evening I also discovered the delights of roasting my own almonds. I didn't have any smoked salt to hand, but used finely ground pink Himalayan salt combined with paprika roast in cold pressed rapeseed oil. They tasted amazing!

I rooted around in the freezer to find something to accompany this salad and sea bass just jumped out at me. The cabbage salad was the perfect side.