When I read Nigel Slater's recipe for parsnips, cashews and spices in Greenfeast autumn, winter, it seemed simple enough. A nice straightforward recipe. So I was surprised to find how many utensils I managed to use and how much mess I created in its making.

But tonight is hockey night and with husband and daughter returning after 8pm, there was plenty of time to clear the decks. My son can't wait that long to eat, so he'd already downed a huge bowl of pasta while the pot simmered.  

On presentation of this evening's effort to the table my daughter asked hopefully, "is this chicken?" Her face crumbled on being informed it was a parsnip curry. It was however delicious; viscous, warming and hugely satisfying.

I served it with basmati rice seasoned with lemon zest and coriander, but it didn't need the rice; I could have eaten it happily on its own.