I'd planned to save this recipe for later in the year when a chill starts to mark the days partnered with seemingly endless heavy down pours of rain. Then, this Persian tagine would provide the perfect antidote to a dreich and depressing Saturday or Sunday.

Unexpectedly finding myself with diced lamb at the end of April; however, this comforting slow-cooked stew hurtled its way up the list from Autumn to Spring. Slightly misplaced given the clement weather, but I decided to go ahead and make it anyway simply because I love the flavours.

BBC Good Food Magazine and its online back catalogue of recipes often provide inspiration for our family meals, and usually deliver reliable results. This recipe for Persian lamb tagine is well spiced and the apricots and dates add a sweetness that marries well with the slow cooked lamb. I cooked it on Saturday and then popped it in the freezer for an easy mid-week meal. No complaints from anyone.