This evening was another dish designed to temper a meat heavy weekend and start to the week. I'm no longer entirely sure how close I will be to meeting my target of 25% (73) unique vegetarian meals cooked across 2020. And in truth I'm afraid to look incase I am so far wide of the mark. To double down on my efforts at this stage would most certainly alienate my family who have tolerated my culinary whimsy with good humour and encouragement this year. With so few dishes left to cook to meet my overall target of 292 different evening meals I want to end this year's experiment on a high note. So will keep on simply trying to include balance.

Homemade pesto is an all time favourite (the kids love it on pasta and it's great spread thickly on salmon fillets) and combined with mushrooms this recipe from the Hairy Bikers felt like a safe veggie addition to our weekly meal plan.

In reality, making pesto is expensive if you haven't already got a packet of pine nuts and a block of parmesan in the fridge. If you, do then it's just a matter of a good quantity of basil, garlic and olive oil. Combined with mushrooms, 1 courgette and a can of butter beans it represents a good value, budget meal. Included in The Hairy Dieters Make it Easy cookbook at 209 calories per serving it's also a healthy, low calorie dinner option.