Last year we bought a small portable wood fired pizza oven. We've only used it a handful of times, largely due to the fact that an activity that should be fun to do together usually descends into family carnage. Homemade pizza has now become one of those things best avoided if we're hoping for a harmonious weekend.

Preparation started early with the sourdough for our bases. Having already experienced a few failures with sourdough pizza, it was posited that maybe a traditional pizza dough recipe should be employed; however, the non-existence of fast acting yeast on supermarket shelves in the UK, ruled this out. Sourdough bases it would have to be.

The two main issues we have been grappling with have been acheiving a crispy base whilst simultaneously avoiding cremating the pizza topping. Each time we fail on both counts to the extent that this evening I popped the based into our conventional oven for ten minutes before topping. Despite the work around, this Saturday was no different and our pizza making descended into arguments so profound that photography was forgotten and no-one really cared when we discovered the pizza oven had been left out in the rain.

We don't often eat desert, but later when peace had resumed, we tucked into keto brownies with fresh whipped cream, strawberries and sweet freedom chocolate sauce.