The October issue of Good Food Magazine is the comfort food issue. For me, one of the attractions of Autumn are the stews, casseroles, tagines and slow cooked one-pot meals that are fitting for colder, rainy Scottish evenings.

Not a casserole, but slipping into the one-pot definition, the first recipe that jumped out of this issue was Tom Kerridge's twist on pizza. Kerridge's recipe emulates the Chicago pizza pie, a one-dish pizza designed to serve everyone at the table. Its origin is a mystery wrapped in a crusty dough wrapper. It is said to have been invented at the Uno Pizzeria and Grill sometime in the 1940s. A franchise chain with 100 units (2020) the restaurant markets itself proudly as "the guys who invented the deep-dish" but the actual guy behind the concept remains up for debate.

Kerridge's version is loyal to the traditional pizza build up (tomato sauce, cheese, topping), differing from deep-dish protocol which espouses loading the cheese first followed by the toppings and then sauce.

Our deep-dish top crust was delicious, but the base was a little soggy which suggests there could be merit in adopting the traditional Chicago deep-dish order in future pizza pie making.