After a glut of meat based meals, a vegetarian option was most definitely on the cards for this evening. I'd scoured Nigel Slater's Greenfeast; spring, summer for a recipe based around a store cupboard item. With half a bag of fine polenta (previously used for baking) on hand, parmesan in the fridge and spinach in the freezer, this recipe jumped out as perfect. All I'd need is some fresh herbs, spring onions and cream.

Lockdown afforded me the novelty of being able to make my polenta in advance at lunchtime; something I haven't done before (food prep on a weekday lunchtime, or making polenta). The polenta making was surprisingly easy; however, the practice of cutting out round shaped discs did leave a remarkable amount of waste (polenta squares next time!) I boxed up the remains with the intention of fashioning them into something for tomorrow's lunch.

Desperate to keep my son eating a full plate of food in the evening, I made a last minute decision to take a pre-made tomato sauce out of the freezer and prepare the kids some pasta for dinner. The sauce was a double portion and I couldn't resist tasting it.

I suspect Mr. Slater would be horrified, but trying the tomato sauce, I was convinced it would make a fine partner for the polenta cakes, so I saved a little and topped off our dish with this.

Nigel's Polenta, Spinach, Parmesan would have been delicious just as the recipe instructs, but with the tomato sauce it was spectacular. His technique for polenta making, has also opened up a whole raft of possibilities for future dish creation - an exciting prospect indeed.