The wheels came off a bit this week. As the global Coronavirus pandemic became more evident in the UK, planned business trips, travel and events started to be cancelled. So when my husbanded called on Thursday evening while I was driving home from my son's parent's evening which preceded a trip to the dentist, offering to pick up a Chinese takeaway, I happily said "yes, please". After all, I'd have a few extra days to play with to complete my 292 different meals in 2020, now March's travel plans had changed.

This attitude carried over into Friday where cheese and biscuits came out to support the main act; a bottle of wine.

By Saturday, I was ready to get back into the kitchen with a relatively straightforward evening meal that afforded me more time to play around with cake making; specifically my low sugar banana bread. I was also conscious I'd set my set a more ambitious dish for Sunday.

I made a few modifications to this recipe from Olive Magazine online. Most significantly, I didn't use sausage meat, choosing instead to supplement with pork mince combined with some sourdough breadcrumbs soaked in a tbsp of milk.

Easy to make, there was no compromise on flavour, and it was enjoyed around the table.