A Yucatán speciality, Pork Pibil originates from the peninsula that divides the Gulf of Mexico with the Caribbean Sea. Geography has had a significant influence on Yucatán cuisine; it is shaped by being the centre of Mayan civilisation, by residing at the far tip of Mexico, from European trade visitors to its seaports and its close proximity to the Caribbean.

The traditional preparation of Pibil involves marinating pork in acidic citrus juices, adding achiote and then cooking the meat in an underground hearth wrapped in banana leaves. Cochinita pibil literally means buried pig. This recipe from Olive magazine, is simple and lucky for me removes the steps of digging a pit, building a fire and burning it for several hours before cooking your meat.  

Instead, it offers a one-pot, slow cooked, weekend meal that's delicious whether simply wrapped in a four tortilla, in a taco or a fajita. Or you could just serve it with rice and salad.