This evening was a scramble after work. Leaving the office I had to drive 40 minutes for a 5 minute parent consultation at school. Then spend ages looking for my daughter who had ensconced herself in the girls changing rooms amongst a gaggle of twelve year olds and a bag of sweets. To then drive another 40 minutes home.

By the time I reached the kitchen my enthusiasm for cooking had evaporated and my temper was slightly frayed. Fortunately, I had taken a bag of pre-cooked pulled pork out of the freezer, so I was able to brush off my husband's offer to "go out and get something" without any flicker of temptation.

Given we're in British forced rhubarb season (Jan - March), and coleslaw is an accustomed bedfellow for pork, I'd planned to make a rhubarb based slaw. There was an interesting recipe in BBC Good Food's March issue for a 'quick raw rhubarb salsa', and I decided to mix it up a little using pear instead of apple. However, it became apparent this wasn't going to be enough to satisfy the onlooking masses so I whipped up a very quick tomato chipotle sauce too.

Pork not exactly cooked two ways, but served with two distinct accompaniments.