I'm not sure I would naturally have paired rhubarb with garlic, cumin, coriander, turmeric and paprika, but this recipe from the Great British Chefs website tempted me to try another savoury dish for a batch of rhubarb which if I didn't pick soon would go bad.

Having made my fill of stewed rhubarb, crumble and compote for 2020, I was keen to pick what was available and incorporate it into a meal for immediate consumption. After the failure of my spicy lentils on Monday, I was a little hesitant, but worked on the basis that one unsuccessful lentil dish doesn't necessarily equate to another.

While my husband resorted to cheese and biscuits on Monday night, this evening, despite his best effort and the acquiescence of a man keen to please, he ended up with a ham and cheese sandwich.

I was relatively content to eat my portion. In retrospect, a bed of basmati rice (in place of the spinach I served it on) may have helped make the dish more satisfying, but generally the fruit (and added sugar) gave the dish a sweetness that wasn't out of kilter with the leeks and lentils.

Did I save the three leftover portions for lunches in the week? No. However, it was good experiment in the versatility of rhubarb.