Fish pie is one of those comfort foods where having a tried and tested recipe up your sleeve is an absolute blessing on those days when there is nothing for it but a rich, starchy plate of home cooking. My go-to fish pie recipe comes from Rick Stein's 'Seafood Lovers' Guide', the book that accompanied his BBC television series of the same name, in which Rick explores the changing coastlines of the UK.

Simply titled 'fish pie', it combines cod and haddock fillets with nutmeg, parsley, cloves, eggs, butter, oodles of double cream and is topped with fluffy maris piper mash. So definitely not one for days when you are restricting your calories. I've been making fish pie Rick's way since 2003 and it's so fail-safe that I've never tried to make it any differently.

Fish pie doesn't actually hit our table very often given my son's aversion to mash potatoes; however, once a year I'll make it for everyone else. I'm not entirely sure it was a fitting dish for an August evening, but it was, as usual, tasty.