As the weekend rolled around again, last minute calls for a roast dinner left me tweaking the week's meal plan. Having a leg of lamb in the freezer made it an easy request to facilitate, the challenge was to prepare and serve the lamb differently.

Having stocked up on preserved lemons, this seemed like a good opportunity to use them. A  quick google search led me to a recipe from Sarah's Kitchen. It's not a site I've stumbled on before, so there was no guarantee the recipe would be tried and tested (I have since learnt the site is linked to a business producing traditionally cured hams, bacon and sausages). Fortunately it worked well.

With the luxury of time that the weekend affords, I decided not to make Sarah's suggested lemon and mint dressing, opting instead to prepare a salsa verde from Laura Mason's Roasts to accompany the lamb.

I plundered Ottolenghi's Simple for the vegetable sides settling on fried broccoli with garlic, cumin and lime alongside roasted baby carrots with harrisa and pomegranate. Of course, Sunday dinner wouldn't be complete without straightforward uncomplicated roast potatoes. They complemented an exceptional collection of recipes that came together on one plate in tasty harmony.