Everyone knows the success of a roast pork dinner lies in equal measure on the moistness of the pork AND the crunchiness of the crackling. Ideally the pork skin will have crisped up to a hard blistered shell, leaving a gelatinous layer of melt in the mouth fat beneath it. (I made my peace with fat a while back).

Having not cooked roast pork in some time, and having invested in a 2.2kg joint from our local organic farm, I was in need of a recipe I could trust to deliver the right quality crackling. I've enjoyed catching the Hairy Bikers by chance when I've been looking for something foodie to pop on the TV in the background, and their recipe for 'roast pork with the best crackling' suggested Si and Dave wouldn't let me down.

They didn't; this evening's meal was a triumph of crispy skin, delicious fat and tender juicy pork.