Feeling extremely fortunate to be able to take an organic Aberdeen Angus silverside joint out of the freezer for our Easter Monday dinner, when deep swathes of the UK are suffering food poverty.

We cooked our beef medium and prepared a traditional set of sides. This included wonderfully impressive Yorkshire puddings the results of which I attribute to Esther Clark's BBC Good Food recipe, not my cooking prowess.

Typically, (looking as good as they did) the puddings were accidentally left in the oven when the photograph was taken and only rescued (just) 5 minutes into dinner.

A hint of flair in what was otherwise a relatively staid Sunday roast, came from a warm anchovy dressing I found in the River Cottage Cookbook which I used to give the broccoli a kick. It looked perfect in the pan until it overheated, so that the dressing end up sitting in claggy fishy piles on our cruciferous vegetables. Tasted great though.