2020 was a very different Christmas for everyone this year. Forget the small village drinks parties that result in a whole neighbourhood's Christmas dinners running late (and the inevitable arguments and disasters that follow cooking inebriated). Forget extending an invitation to someone who might otherwise be alone. And forget getting out the extra leaf or having to sit six inches below everyone else because you were the last to the table and got the footstool.

There would be distinctly less chairs around everyone's table this year, although perhaps tables would be a touch more festive than usual to make up for the lack of company. Like many, we got our 'festive on' two weeks earlier than we usually do in response to a miserable year. Sadly Bob (our tree) is now waning (despite regular watering) and he certainly won't last the year out as his branches are already scraping the carpet. Meanwhile, a vaccine is here suggesting relief will come in 2021 and a 1246 page agreement means Brexit looks like it might be done.

While turkey crowns may well be the trend for 2020, my husband is a sucker for the brown meat of a turkey leg, so I went for the smallest bird our butcher could deliver weighing in at 4.4kg.

It is by happy coincide that my challenge to cook 292 different evening meals over 2020 finished on Christmas Day. A turkey dinner usually only happens once a year so there was always a chance it would be one of my meals, I just didn't expect it to be the last.

Here's to a better 2021!