Cauliflower is a vegetable I continuously try to introduce by stealth onto the Mathieson dinner table. Cauliflower cheese, riced, in a soup or as a plain vegetable accompaniment have all been vetoed, so it really has to be dressed up as something else to pass lips. Strong flavours and different textures are also a requirement if the meal is to pass muster.

Earlier in January I waited for my husband and daughter to be out before trying out this harissa cauliflower pilaf. This month, I was determined to work cauliflower in for a wider audience, and with rose harissa proving a complementary flavour, I started to search for a recipe combining both ingredients.

This recipe from Olive Magazine appealed largely due to its simplicity; there are just 5 ingredients in the main body of the dish, and 5 (easy to find ingredients) in the herby lemon pangritata (a.k.a flavoured breadcrumbs) that topped it off. It was also quick and easy to make.

As we sat down to dinner, I heard mutters that sounded like "where's the actual food?" and then my son piped up "I'm going to mix it all up". "That's right" my husband retorted "make the best of it". I suspect that there's not much I can do to make the cauliflower appealing to my lot. But that won't stop it making an appearance from time to time; maybe just not as the main attraction.