Resistant to buying industrially made sauces or pre-blended herbs, I will sometimes make an exception when it comes to speciality foods. When I discovered the recipe for yesterday's gochujang glazed salmon, I realised that living outside of a major city shouldn't be my excuse for not attempting recipes with less easily accessible ingredients. Because, of course, you can order a tub of Korean red chilli paste from Amazon. Which is exactly what I did and just like that it arrived the next day.

A spicy fermented paste made from chilli powder, glutinous rice, fermented soybean powder, barley malt powder and salt I didn't fancy my chances at a good homemade version of gochujang.

Having used it to good effect last night and not wanting to subject the remainder of the tub to microbial growth before being chucked out, I chose this evening's recipe to avoid food waste.

I absolutely LOVED this warm salad recipe. The sweet sticky butternut squash, enhanced by the spicy sweet gochujang marinade was balanced with lime juice and the salty peanuts matched the sweetness perfectly.

Sadly I dined alone which left me disappointed not to be able to share my excitement over how good it was - yes, it was that tasty! I definitely recommend giving this a shot for a labour-light yet wonderfully satisfying vegetarian supper.