This evening's recipe was another lucky find from the pages of the November 2020 issue of Delicious magazine, although when searching online I can see it was originally published in April 2017. Despite featuring in the spring, my family agreed that this recipe was perfectly suited to a November evening meal.

It appealed for several reasons, but mostly because I have been actively searching for ways to creatively use up packs of frozen pork sausage meat. My challenge of cooking 292 different meals over 2020 has also led me to tackle new cooking methods and techniques as well as enabling a foray into dough.

A big fan of stews and one-pot meals this recipe prompted the realisation that I have never made a dumpling. The fact of the matter is that they have never really appealed (I pushed the ones my mum used to make to the side of my plate uneaten) and they are clearly not something that my husband has pined for over our 18 years of marriage as the word dumpling never passes his lips unless we are in a Japanese or Chinese restaurant.

Like the sausage meat, the humble doughy balls called to me. I liked the fact that the recipe combined self-raising flour, parsley and natural yogurt. Light and fluffy the dumplings were a pleasant surprise and my husband too raised an eyebrow in appreciation.

When a traditional stew features on our weekly meal plan next time there's a good chance it will include dumplings and I may even search out a recipe for filled ones.