The tradition of eating lamb on Easter Sunday comes from the ancient Jewish practice of sacrificing the Paschal lamb (the passover sacrifice). It derives from the story of the Exodus, which mythologises the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. In the story, the Jews marked their homes with lamb blood, which spared them from the ten plagues of Egypt.  

In 2020, in addition to export markets now being closed, large scale family gatherings are off the agenda too due to coronavirus, so farmers have seen demand for lamb this Easter drop, although it would seem that now is the time to try all those middle Eastern recipes that call for lamb mince.  

Lamb is a favorite in our house. Roast lamb featured as dish number 2 in our 2020 challenge and it appears again under the guise of a Greek style small rolled shoulder and roast lamb with preserved lemons.

With no friends or family joining us this weekend, we're still sticking to our tradition of serving lamb this weekend, but opting for a Good Friday roast instead. (We had our fish yesterday). I have no misgivings about the fact that our 2kg joint will serve 6-8, instead, I'll work the leftovers into our meals for the rest of the weekend.

Despite the temptation to find a different vehicle (to meet the criteria of another unique dish for 2020), for our splendid leg of Windshiel Farm organic lamb, I've taken the opportunity to hand the cooking reins to my husband. This has the added bonus of allowing him the latitude to cook the lamb to his liking (I prefer it slow cooked, he likes it pink).

Meanwhile, I'm planning a lamb and plum salad and a traditional shepherd's pie for the leftovers.