This recipe from Ottolenghi's book Simple, has a clue in its title. As the slow cook implies it's another evening meal that's best cooked (for me) during a relaxed Sunday, when time can be taken to work through the different stages unhurried.

It's not that it's a complicated dish. Quite the opposite, it appealed due to its simplicity and it does, of course, come from a book designed to deliver maximum impact with the least amount of hassle.  For me, it just took 3 hours and a lot of dirty utensils to get this dish from the chopping board to the table.

I sometimes think that good results in the kitchen require the same skills as good exam technique. The outcome is so much better when you take the time to read what's required carefully before you start. Knowing what you need to achieve within the time available is one of the keys to success.There's nothing worse than starting to cook, only to find your dish isn't going to reach the table until 10pm! Especially if you have guests for dinner.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding and this evening's effort turned out gloriously. It was the kind of warming dish that you'd look forward to sitting down to after a long winter's walk. In this scenario, the recipe helpfully advises that the chicken filling can be made advance. The corn topping needs to be prepared directly before it goes in the oven, but it doesn't take long (using a hand whisk for the egg whites) and then just requires 35 minutes in the oven and an additional 10 minutes before you serve.

I served our slow cooked chicken with roast parsnips and fine green beans.