I took inspiration for this evening's meal from a prosciutto, cheddar and polenta frittata I made earlier this month. There is always a question around duplication when I meal plan dishes for the week ahead. Do two frittata's count as two separate dishes?

Given that on this occasion the ingredients differed significantly (polenta, garlic, milk, tomatoes, courgette, prosciutto were no where to be seen) I allowed myself the opportunity to recreate a one-pan baked egg dish to suit my family.

6 eggs and 20 minutes in the oven where the only things it shared in common (the delicious.com.au recipe also used 150g of cheddar where I threw in only a scant serving spoonful.

Instead, while 150g of mange tout was steaming for three minutes I mixed the cheese and a handful of chopped parsley through my six beaten eggs. I thinly sliced one red onion and sautéd this for 8 minutes then added the egg mixture, the mange tout and 100g of sliced smoked salmon. After mixing well and bringing to a gentle simmer the pan went into the oven to bake.

With a handful of simple ingredients it was easy to make, budget friendly and all four family plates were cleared along with the bistro salad served on the side.