I can't remember where or when I first found this recipe but it definitely featured in a magazine. I cut it out, popped it into a poly pocket and filed it in an A4 ring binder of recipes which now resides somewhere amongst 70 or so boxes of odds and ends in the attic.

I was pleased to find Steve's spiced red lentils recipe in an online forum post from 2009 which shares it (from what I can recall) word for word.

It's simple to make and if you have a relatively well stocked store cupboard (that includes red lentils, coconut milk, tinned chopped tomatoes, spices, garlic and onions) it leaves just a few fresh ingredients to buy (coriander, ginger, limes, and a carrot).

It's a splendidly comforting dish, perfectly satisfying served on its own, warming and full of flavour.