I seem to have done well in recent months with gifts of home produce and on Monday I was excited to receive a sizeable bag of plums from a colleague's garden. Despite my enthusiasm for such gifts I also inevitably end up applying self-enforced pressure to use said fruits and vegetables in special ways to honour the act of growing and giving.

Tonight's evening meal then is one that marries previous intent with this chance windfall of plums. On Saturday I took delivery of a meat order from Windshiel Farm (hence the Persian dried lime, lamb and split pea stew and the lamb bolognese in recent days). On the menu this Wednesday I was planning to make dry rub ribs, but the plums set me off thinking about a sweet fruity sauce to accompany them instead.  

After sifting through too many recipes that called for a bottle of ready made plum sauce I was pleased to find this Donna Hay recipe for sticky plum and chilli ribs. It took a little time to work through the steps but it was worth it to do justice to our kilogram of organic pork spare ribs and the gifted plums. I served our ribs liberally doused in the extra sauce from the grill pan and we enjoyed the messy and primal act of eating with our fingers.

With a few plums left over there was nothing for it but to make a quick pudding and this vanilla and ginger roasted plum compote fit the bill perfectly. Short of rum, I used a tbsp of Armagnac instead which married well with the plums! I also swapped the sugar out for a stevia sweetener making it a lot less naughty but ever so nice.