One of the challenges of trying to cook 292 different meals over 365 days is finding sufficiently different takes on specific cuts or types of meat. There is nothing we love more than a joint of organic lamb from one of our local farms, but in the search for new recipes there is often a fine line between uniqueness and relatively nuanced tweaks to old favourites.

When I came across this recipe for sticky slow roast lamb, my dilemma shifted from 'is this sufficiently different?' to does this have the potential to ruin a glorious joint of meat?

I decided to push ahead and erring on the side of purism, I made my own sweet chilli sauce using a recipe I'm already familiar with, to slow cook my lamb in.

The Londoner's recipe didn't let me down and our Sunday lunch was delicious. Sadly though I'm doubtful we'll be able to squeeze in another roast lamb in 2020.