This recipe is definitely one for the weekend; needing plenty of prep and cooking time. I started my pastry at 4pm and it took until 6:30pm to get the meal to the table.

And it's definitely not one for you if you're calorie counting. I found it a comfort that there wasn't any nutritional information to accompany the recipe, because I'm sure it packs a hefty calorie punch.  

One thing for sure though, its credentials were first class.

My pastry, while made in a food processor, didn't contain any of the processed ingredients of shop bought. Its easy to think that a pre-made block or ready rolled sheet is the "easy" option, yet it literally took me less than 10 minutes to make the pastry, so it's not exactly an onerous job in desperate need of a processed magic solution. And made with four simple ingredients (organic plain flour, butter, milk and salt) it didn't contain vegetable oils (including palm oil), margarine, emulsifier, citric acid, colourings (!), alcohol, sugar, natural flavourings (!) or deactivated yeast.

The beef mince and pork mince came from Fostons Fine Meats in Duns, (they didn't have the sausage meat the recipe specifies).

The slow blind bake on a lower temperature ensured the pastry didn't over brown at the edges and helped avoid the dreaded soggy bottom.

Butternut squash roasted with za'atar and fine green beans were a good accompaniment. And plates were cleared, which is always a good sign.