When you're struggling under the weight of crippling incertitude, it's a wonderful feeling to read an inspiring article that has the power to raise your spirits. This morning a friend shared the link to this article by Matthew Syed.

It got me thinking about a whole heap of things, not least, how I should probably just stop feeling like a homeschool-parent-failure. I loved  Syed's idea that the COVID-19 lockdown is an opportunity to share a different set of skills that stretch and mould our young people.

My twelve year old daughter was lounging on the sofa reading (still in her PJs) when I left my 'at work desk' and headed for the kitchen. Calling out hopefully "would you like to help me make dinner?" the reply "do I have to?" was quickly returned. I made it easy and said "of course not". After a few minutes she slunk into the kitchen to ask what we were making.

I handed her this simple recipe from the Sainsburys' website for sweetcorn and halloumi fritters. I answered questions, passed the right equipment and left her (supervised) to do all the tricky jobs, including the shallow frying.

I wonder if my daughter would have been quite so enamored with this evening's supper if she had not made it herself, but her response was rapturous.

We served our fritters with a poached egg and homemade mango salsa. The kids also had rice.

Ruminating on the success of this evening's meal I concluded that the combination of sweetcorn and halloumi had potential to carry a range of different flavours and our next foray into fritter making may well see us experimenting with north-African inspired spices and ingredients.