This evening's supper combined a seemingly incongruous range of small dishes, but ones which I sensed might just work together.

In truth it's mid week and about the time when my meal planning petters out. The fridge contained half a cucumber, a pot of greek yogurt, bell peppers and some parsley. I had half a bag of bulgar wheat in the cupboard and a few left over potatoes that could do with being used up.  

A couple of lemons, some cloves of garlic, a handful of mint from the garden and a red onion and I was all set. On the menu was Jamie Oliver's trusty tzatziki, a bulgar wheat tabbouleh, patatas bravas with peppers and onions, and some warmed chorizo.

Despite the cultural mish mash, the medley was well received and there are plenty of leftovers which will make light work of lunch tomorrow.