Today was all about getting ahead in the kitchen for the coming week. I started by making a Persian lamb tagine using a recipe from BBC Good Food online. While the weather has been warm recently, cooler temperatures are forecast for next week and besides, my husband did the shopping and he came back with diced lamb. It wasn't on the list, but lists are becoming increasingly hard to fulfill these days.

I also experimented with a recipe for cannellini bean and red lentil burgers, before heading into town to queue for the butcher, the fishmonger and the coop (not a reflection of husband's shopping success, he simply didn't return with enough fish and I was hankering after some lambs liver (which I couldn't get in the end)).

Waiting in lines that snaked the market square and supermarket car park, I was transported back to shopping as a child. We'd visit the butcher, the baker, and the fruit and veg/grocery store picking up what we needed each day. Home deliveries didn't exist, there wasn't high street versions of the major supermarkets and our shopping list was short compared to today. I took a moment to enjoy standing in line, partly wallowing in nostalgia, and also grateful to be outside for a little longer on a warm day.

The fishmonger didn't have the cod I was looking for, so I bought haddock instead, but he said to phone the day before if I want cod and he'll get it in for me. It feels as though we have returned to simpler (better?) times. With more people at home, and fewer commutes to work there must be a declining imperative for convenience foods. Perhaps there's been a resurgence of home cooking and an increased enjoyment of real food.  

After the tagine and burgers, I set to work on this evening's meal; another recipe from Nigel's Slater's The Kitchen Diaries, Thai fishcakes and sweet chilli dipping sauce. Easy to make and big on taste, these little cakes certainly spiced up Saturday night. And they paired particularly well with the pink Sancerre my husband came home with. Also not on the list, but I wasn't complaining.